What is Mahahual?

In the Mexican Republic in the south of the state of Quintana Roo, there is a small and magical paradisiacal town called Mahahual. It is located in the Costa Maya tourist corridor. Mahahual was once a small, quiet fishing village with very few inhabitants. At the beginning of the century, the Costa Maya port was built and, as a result, there would be a growth in tourism. In 2007, however, Hurricane Dean made landfall and devastated the town and much of the port. As part of the recovery, the emblematic "Malecón" was built. Now it stretches 2 kilometers along the coast, where you can see the new and different hotels and restaurants. Beautiful beaches, turquoise blue water, a pleasant atmosphere and harmony with nature characterize the aspect of Mahahual.

What to do in Mahahual?

The Mesoamericana Barrier Reef , also known as the great mayan reef, stretches along the southern coast of Mexico all the way to Honduras. It is the second largest barrier reef in the world and found right in the front of the beaches of Mahahual. The place is home to a multitude of fish species, coral species, marine mammals and more. For this reason, Mahahual has become a popular destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. The barrier reef also prevents strong waves from reaching shore, allowing for a calming ride on the kayak or sailboat. Having started out as a fishing town, sport fishing has also been a favored activity. Riding a bicycle through the town of Mahahual is another of the activities that you should not miss when you come to visit.

Places near Mahahual

If you’re still looking for more adventure, there are places near Mahahual that also worth visiting. Banco Chinchorro is the biggest atoll reef in the northern hemisphere. It is about 35 km or almost an hour and a half of a boat ride away from the coast. The reef has a lot to offer for experienced divers as well as for beginners, such as sunken ships, colorful reefs and beautiful marine life. Also a little over an hour away, you can find Bacalara town known for its Lagoon of the Seven Colors. This lagoon has 3 cenotes, many shades of blue and a system of stromatolites, which are only found in a few places globally. Another recommended tour is to Chacchobenan ancient Mayan archeological site dating back to 700 A.D. In addition to the monumental structures, you will find tropical wildlife as well as the typical jungle flora.