To offer our guests, collaborators and the community an unforgettable experience that inspires to share and take care of the most important thing that we have, our health, our loved ones and the environment that surrounds us.


To be a pioneer in a more conscious and sustainable way of doing business promoting physical activity, emotional and spiritual stability and ecological awareness.


Happiness: At BlueKay Eco-Resort we believe that happiness is not a goal, but a path. Life is enjoyed every day in the company of our loved ones and the nature that surrounds us.

Community: At BlueKay Eco-Resort we are a family, we support each other, we share and we grow. If the person next to us is doing well, we as a community are doing much better.

Sustainability: When we understand that the most important thing we have is life, we begin to value everything that makes it possible. At BlueKay Eco-Resort we respect, care for and live with nature.

Our History

In 2007, there were 60 rustic and sustainable commercial premises, as well as a snack bar known as "El Faro" in the area where the hotel is located today. The 2008 hurricane that devastated the town took along with it the entirety of the place. The palapa, now our Ritmo y Sabor restaurant, was one of the few buildings left standing. Free food was offered at the restaurant to the people of the town for several months to support those gravely affected. Shortly afterwards, the Malecón was built, the port rebuilt and the town was recovering. The hotel and the beach it stands on are deeply rooted in the history of the place and still serve many locals as a place to live and a safe haven.

BlueKay Eco-Resort was established in 2010 as a camping area together with 8 mini-bungalows where you could enjoy the sea and nature in its purest form. In 2011, the construction of the 24 minis was completed, designed as a lodging that would allow having all the comforts of a hotel in a more conscious and sustainable way.

In 2015 and with the same philosophy, the Junior Suites - Kohunlich were added, designed to accommodate groups of families and give guests more privacy. In 2016, the Junior Suites - Tikal were completed and finally the Coba and Tulum in 2017. In 2020 and 2021, the Master Suites designed to combine the best practices of sustainable architecture, comfort and the best ocean view were built..

In 2012 and 2020, three restaurants were added to the family: the hotel restaurant, now called Ritmo y Sabor (restaurant-bar with cuts and seafood), Vía María (pizzeria) and Tierra Verde (organic and vegan / vegetarian food).

Throughout the years, sports, recreational and spiritual activities have also been incorporated that complement the experience of a heavenly place and a conscious lodging, making BlueKay Eco-Resort a perfect place for many types of personalities to live and enjoy themselves.

Today, BlueKay Eco-Resort is a popular destination for all those who visit Mahahual not only for the beauty of its beaches but for its values and essence.